What We Do

Nitrax Productions is a Finnish music company founded in 1990 by the classically trained producer, acclaimed composer and violinist Nikolo Kotzev. Every producer knows the key to success is creating a top quality product, while keeping the production costs down. While the services of Nitrax Productions are on a top level, you can realize your plans for the fraction of the cost you would normally have to face anywhere else. Don’t worry about logistics and planning of the recordings – that’s our job. We work fast and effective even on a short notice and cruel deadlines. We make no compromises, our motto is – “High quality pays off”. The prices? Just call us - you will be surprised!

How is it all possible?
We record in Bulgaria - a country with serious classical traditions. Our orchestra is the best in the country and since 1990 has recorded soundtracks for a large number of motion pictures. The recording teams are made of true professionals and the equipment is top notch. Why are we successful? It’s simple - we know the business and understand the client. Last but not least – we truly love doing what we do.

Nitrax Productions has a great experience in this field and has worked with various orchestras some of which are: Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, Sofia strings, orchestras from Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Mexico, Varna etc.